"Reggie Watts"

Watercolor Portrait.

Copyright © 2014 Hexx Allure.

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So I went and saw Hedwig last night and it was perfection holy crap. But I also grabbed an extra Hurt Locker playbill and one of my friends has an extra Hedwig dollar bill so I’m giving them away since I already have a Hurt Locker playbill and she has extra Hedwig dollars! (I also have a signed Hedwig playbill from them all but you’d have to pay me a million dollars for it sry) so idk how to do one of these giveaway things but if you want it reblog this and then in a week I’ll choose a winner?! Otherwise if no one wants it I’ll just keep them for myself. ~The more the merrier~

Choosing the winner August 22nd!
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Alud (Landslip)
Performance, 2011 (video here)

Regina José Galindo 

the artist’s words:
Water runs.

The body is there, dirty.
The public’s position as observer is replaced by the action of participating and cleansing the body. Motivated, perhaps by some empathy for the unknown individual, hidden behind the mud.

DYNAMO project-space, Thessaloniki, Greece
Performance Festival of the 3rd Thessaloniki Biennial of Contemporary Art. Photos by Eleftheria Kalpenidou / courtesy of the Greek State Museum of Contemporary Art. 

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my favorite robin williams movie, bicentennial man.

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Martin Creed, Work No. 583, 2006

i like the presentation of crt monitors on the floor of art galleries.

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"Jews have been said to be materialistic, money-grabbing, greedy, and ostentatious. Women have been said to be vain, trivial and shallow; they’re only interested in clothing, in show. When you put these together you get the Jewish-woman type who’s only interested in designer clothes and sees her children only as extensions of herself. The Jew has been seen as manipulative, crafty, untrustworthy, unreliable, calculating, controlling, and malevolent. The Jewish Princess is seen as manipulative, particularly of the men in her life, her husband, her boyfriend, her father. And what does she want? Their money! In addition, she’s lazy - she doesn’t work inside or outside the home. She is the female version of the Jew who, according to anti-Semitic lore, is a parasite on society; contradictorily, the Jew has been viewed both as dangerous communist” as well as non-productive “capitalist.” The cartoon vision of the Jewish American Princess is someone who sucks men dry: she is an “unnatural mother” who refuses to nurture her children (the very opposite of the “Jewish mother” whose willingness to martyr herself makes her ludicrous). And she doesn’t “put out” except in return for goods; she isn’t really interested in either sexuality or lovingness. We live in a world climate and culture in which materialism is rampant, and Jewish women are taking the rap for it. The irony is they are taking the rap from non-Jews and Jewish men alike — even from some Jewish women."

From Kike to J.A.P.: How misogyny, anti-semitism, and racism construct the Jewish American Princess by Evelyn Torton Beck

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Cabaret on the Tony Awards // 1998 & 2014

i saw this today and remembered why i like musicals.

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Lev Khesin, silicone and pigments on wood.

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started the 30 day shred (jillian michaels) two days ago. already feel better BUT sore all over.

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found in my grandmother’s collection of scanned slides from the 20th century.

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Mark Whalen

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okay guys this is my last one I promise

what an interesting dichotomy of culture.

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lms if ur pumped for the destruction of masculinity

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